B.O.B. Project

Bringing Out the Best in Penn Hills!

Bringing Out the Best in Penn Hills!

The BOB Project stands for "Bringing Out the Best" in our community. BOB is developing projects to enhance Penn Hills and surrounding areas with Beautification, Educational & Safety components. Named after the father of founder Shawn O'Mahony,"Bob" was a Penn Hills resident who along with wife, Charlotte, by his side, helped all he came in contact initiating change.

This group's purpose will be to work with the community to help it become more cohesive with projects that will inspire others to become involved.

Examples of BOB's work include:

  • "Back to Our Roots" garden build at Penn Hills High School
  • Courtyard garden at Penn Hills Elementary
  • Courtyard garden at Linton Middle School
  • Greenhouse restoration at Linton Middle School
  • Duff Road beautification project
  • Spring Valley garden on the corner of Long Road and Paris Ave

We are BOB!

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B.O.B. Project
Contact: Shawn O'Mahony
119 Pheasant Dr
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

web: http://bobproject.org
email: bobproject@mail.com
phone: (412) 708-6194

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