PennDOT Plans Several Projects in Penn Hills this Year

March 12, 2017 - 07:27 AM

The official start to Spring is just days away, as is the unofficial start to the construction season. PennDOT has several projects planned to resurface and improve state-owned roads within Penn Hills during the coming months.


In the northern part of the municipality, PennDOT plans to resurface Plum Street and Hunter Road (State Route 2080), from Hamil Road to Allegheny River Boulevard in Oakmont. According to state records, Hunter Road has not been paved since 1985, and its age is certainly showing.

The entire 2.3 mile stretch from Oakmont to Hamil Road is in desperate need of repair, as the roadway is full of bumps and large rivets. The roadway also currently has an active slide, limiting traffic to one lane at the bottom of the hill. PennDOT’s Press Officer Steve Cowan said that while paving work will occur on Hunter as planned, the slide repair is not part of the paving project, although if possible they may be completed together. In part, Cowan said “We are trying to coordinate schedules with the geotechnical contractor for the necessary remediation.”


PennDOT plans to repair two slides along Milltown Road (State Route 2084) this season. Cowan said the department is still in the process of acquiring the necessary Right-of-Way permits and therefore has no start date. Cowan said PennDOT is unsure if this work will require the closure of Milltown Road and subsequently a detour.


PennDOT recently conducted a geotechnical survey of the long-term slide along Indiana Road (State Route 2070) near its intersection with Hulton Road. Cowan said this slide is not on the department’s list to repair this year and was unable to provide further details. Indiana Road was resurfaced and had a different slide repaired in 2014.


Sandy Creek Road and a small portion of Coal Hollow Road will get a fresh coat of asphalt this summer as well. PennDOT plans to resurface the roadway known as State Route 130 between Allegheny River Boulevard and Lime Hollow Road.

The Sandy Creek/Coal Hollow Roads project and Plum Street/Hunter Road project are part of a group paving plan that will occur in late Spring or early Summer. Also included in the group paving plan is Hulton Road in Oakmont from the Hulton Bridge area to Route 909/Coxcomb Hill Road in Plum. PennDOT will announce a timetable and any information regarding possible detours once a bid is awarded.

Allegheny County has not yet released its list of work on county roads for the upcoming season. Penn Hills also has not released the list of roads they plan to work on this year either. The municipality has budgeted $400,000 for work on local roads this year, down from $1,000,000 last year.


As the weather warms up and potholes start to show, report them to be filled:

  • To report an issue with a state road, call PennDOT at 1-800-FIX-ROAD. Alternatively, you can report your concern on the department’s website by using this link
  • You can report issues with roads owned by Allegheny County by calling 412-350-2513
  • Local roads maintained by the Municipality of Penn Hills can be reported by calling the Department of Public Works at 412-798-2151
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