Third Annual Summerfest Shatters Expectations

August 6, 2017 - 01:29 PM
  • Musician Mark Ferrari Performs

    Musician Mark Ferrari Performs

  • Childrens activities

    Childrens activities

  • Baby Cakes Cupcakes

    Baby Cakes Cupcakes

  • Oakmont BBQ Company

    Oakmont BBQ Company

  • Kona Ice Pittsburgh

    Kona Ice Pittsburgh

  • Vagabond Taco Truck

    Vagabond Taco Truck

  • The Coop Chicken & Waffles

    The Coop Chicken & Waffles

  • Bounce Houses for Children

    Bounce Houses for Children

  • Puppy Petting

    Puppy Petting

  • Petting Zoo

    Petting Zoo

  • Pony Rides

    Pony Rides

  • Product vendors

    Product vendors

  • Original Artworks

    Original Artworks

  • Daddy's Nightmare Monster Truck

    Daddy's Nightmare Monster Truck

Building upon the successes of the first two events, the third annual Penn Hills Summerfest held at Turner-Friendship Park on Saturday was, by all accounts, a great success that far exceeded the expectations of event organizers and vendors alike.

Each year, Summerfest organizers offered remote-location parking and a shuttle bus to and from Friendship Park, but it was scarcely needed as parking at Turner-Friendship Park proved sufficient. This year, however, Parks & Recreation Director, John Scaglione, had to call in a second school bus to keep up with the volume of visitors parking at overflow location, Penn Hills Park.

It is estimated that attendance more than doubled from 2016 - as did the quality of food and entertainment.

The musical acts lined up were of the highest quality and provided different sounds that suited everyone's tastes. The Poor Souls kicked off the day with covers of classic favorites. Soulful rock soloist Mark Ferrari played through the afternoon, while the delightful indie pop/rock band Hear Tonight surprised in the evening session, and long-standing Pittsburgh group Flow Band capped the evening off with their positive raggae vibes.

Visitors took full advantage of some of the best food trucks in Pittsburgh - including Vagabond Taco Truck, Coop Chicken & Waffles, Bulldawgs, Oakmont BBQ Company and Kona Ice. Said event organizer, Melissa Waldron, "Each truck completely sold out of food and asked to be invited back next year."

Product vendors set up shop to sell their locally made, handmade goods including Comfortable Soaks body care products, Tinka Baby Diva's Designs baby clothes and accessories, and Baby Cakes cupcakes.

Of course, there were no shortage of activities for children, which included several large bounce houses, pony rides, petting zoo, games and activities, and a free arts & crafts tent. The Bridge church and several other community churches provided the volunteers to staff all children's activities.

Monster truck, Daddy's Nighmare, was also on-hand letting visitors take a ride in the bed of the 20-foot-tall behemoth. Owner, Bob Grill, is donating half of the proceeds to the Penn Hills Elementary School Band and Orchestra.

Those who stayed late into the evening were treated to a spectacular fireworks display from the renown Zambelli Fireworks Company.

Organizers and attendees are assuredly looking forward to next year.

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