Age looks irrelevent

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Definitely not when I turned 30, I know that much. Maybe at 31 when I dated a guy three years younger than me, but definitely at At 32, I was basically single and as the only unmarried one in my small group of best friends, I was relying heavily on the social goings-on of the 20somethings I worked with. I believe 40 is the new 30, and 50 is the new 40, but I also believe that certain social situations are more apropos than others based on your age. Alas, being the only single friend left me with few options.

I could choose to make hanging out quietly with my married friends my new social life. Or I could sit at home and pout about it all and become overwhelmed with the worst feeling there is— nostalgia. Turns out, I would craft a balance of the latter two options. Then, as the story goes, a global pandemic shut down the world and kept us exactly where we were for a then undetermined amount of time. I got on Bumble. I met Zac. And suddenly all the woes and worries I had about what to do with my spare time disappeared as we stayed in for an entire year with nowhere to go and no one to see but each other.

I mean, think about it—an entire year went by without any sort of bar scene or social hour. Trends changed. Places closed, places opened. The world was still turning even if we were sitting inside on the couch with absolutely zero awareness of that slight rotation. I went into single and miserable at a job that had started falling apart, and came out with the love of my life and working as a full-time freelance writer.

Life continued to happen even though it felt and looked really odd for most of us. Accepting responsibility? Saying no to that third, fourth, or fifth drink? Like what? A real woman? I have stability now. Zac is my partner. We live together. We will get married.

No more drama. Is that why I feel boring? The sheer stability of it all? So much of my persona was embedded in crying over men and lamenting about love—is stability a snore just call me Carrie? But I digress. The point is that, now, everyone looks 15 to me. They could be 27 or 24 or 19, and they look The fact that I can no longer accurately decipher the age of everygirl can only mean one thing—I am old.

Everyone wears crop tops. Look, I wear crop tops but like slightly cropped tops. Like cropped tops that meet the top of my high-waisted jeans. These girls are back in the early s, belly buttons out and proud. Really their entire torsos are out. All of them. The fact that I think this means I am old. People are out at bars past 10pm. What is this?

What are you doing? How is that fun? Go home. I am old. People still go out in groups. Who knows that many people? Better yet, who likes that many people enough to socialize with all of them at the same time? Why is everyone so hot? Like the girls of today make me uncomfortable with their levels of hotness. I was never that hot. Maybe I was but completely blind to it? I was thinner and cuter, for sure, but never uncomfortably hot. I blame the Karjenners. I am old and gross. A has-been. I posted some of my rambling thoughts about these feelings today on Instagram, and so many of the responses I got were incredibly insightful but a fellow Aries really nailed it for me:.

It makes me acutely aware of our age in relation to the next gen. With every new decade we get to experience the joy of growth and the grief of growing up. The next gen is happening before our eyes. I remember when wide leg pants were all the rage! Because it made me feel OLD. All of this has made me face my own mortality, something I truly never ever thought twice about save for a few existential crisis moments in my preteens i. What happens when you die? Right now.

Like before you know it, you too will be a year-old mom God-willing with kids and finally understand exactly why your mom was the way she was. So many of you especially those reading this right now have been with me since day 1 back in when I started this blog. You guys continue to make me relevant, and I hope that by sharing my everyday musings, I make YOU feel relevant in return.

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Age looks irrelevent

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Are definitions of age becoming irrelevant?