Cute girl looking for a cute man

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Admit it or not, a cute guy always makes for great eye candy to stare at and pass your time. And the moment he lays eyes on you, well, that's another butterflies-in-the-stomach story. There are so many things that go inside a girl's head the moment she spots a cutie.

Here are some of them. Rati Agrawal. He is so, so cute. God stopped making such cuties, after he made him. Can I have him as my birthday gift and keep him forever. I wish he would look at me. Shit, did he just look at me? Is he checking me out, or is there someone behind me? I don't think he is looking at me. I mean look at me. I really need to lose weight. He is too cute. He definitely plays for the other side. He IS looking at me. I think I just died and went to heaven. Did he just smile at me? That tingling feeling is driving me crazy. I hope he didn't see me blush.

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Cute girl looking for a cute man

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