Penn Hills Anti-Litter Group

Keep Penn Hills Beautiful!

We are a group of people who are concerned and frustrated by the amount of litter (including illegal dumping issues) in the Penn Hills area, including Verona and Blackridge. We want to be proactive, through awareness and information about litter, and suggestions to reduce it; by reporting litter to the appropriate entity and posting about the results; and by participating in litter pickups as a group and/or as individuals (or helping out in a related way if some are unable). We encourage people and groups to advertise/post their litter cleanups in this group.

PennDOT: 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623)

Allegheny County Public Works: 412-350-4005

Penn Hills Public Works: 412-798-2151

Penn Hills Code Enforcement: 412-798-2132
contact:    Faith Milazzo
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