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Even before phones were glued to us at all times, people were having phone sex. But what is the best phone sex , and do any offer free trials? Some will set you up with a phone sex professional, while others will connect you with sexy singles in your area. Here are the phone sex s that are actually worth your precious time and money. The free trials are next to the phone . Rather than evolving with the times, PhoneSex has pretty much stayed the same. As the most popular naughty chat line in the US and Canada, Livelinks is kind of a big deal.

As a chat line, Livelinks will connect you with people who live in your city or town for erotic chat. Seriously, Livelinks get thousands of locals who call every single day, so there are so many interesting characters for you to meet. Of all the s on this list, Livelinks allows you to have free phone sex for the most amount of time. Their trial is an entire hour-long, which is more than enough for a great session! Taboo Chat markets itself as a confessional for your dirty secrets. The topic of conversation? Anything taboo.

The vibe on Taboo Chat is very open-minded and relaxed. Most callers choose to remain anonymous. That said, you will have a satisfying time when you spend some dough on the . The women are experienced, talented, and extremely hot. Ever fantasized about having a kinky convo with your neighbor? Kinky Convo is the phone sex line that puts you in touch with locals, not actresses. The best part about Kinky Convo is that it will connect you to a steamy stranger in minutes. Just as quickly, that new friend will begin dishing their kinkiest secrets to you. Exotic Chat line claims the title of the wildest sex chat line.

When created, the intention was to hook callers up with exotic, foreign, or diverse, or international singles to talk about sex. It has morphed into an anything-goes phone sex line that attracts real, live singles rather than operators.

In fact, you can enjoy phone sex for free for five minutes. Talk Dirty Chat Line reminds its callers that most people enjoy dirty talk as a form of foreplay during sex. Talk Dirty Chat Line is the place where you can get your kinky thoughts off your chest and engage in foreplay that eventually le to full-blown masturbatory phone sex. You can choose to connect with singles who are local or someone who lives across the country.

Leave someone a private message if you want to get flirty before talking one-on-one. Sexy Live Connections is primarily a chat line, but many of the conversations turn x-rated quickly. For instance, you might meet a cute caller who wants to talk about her day, her hobbies, and her job. This is a great for anyone who likes to get to know their sexual partners on a deeper level before taking the plunge. The callers here are naughty, yes, but after a brief introductory period involving small talk.

FreeChatGirls — — Affordable. Yes, women can have free phone sex on this line… but not men. In that case, you can enjoy a minute free trial. FreeChatGirls does have a lot going for it though. There are specific fetishes that you can navigate to, like BDSM chat or a call with an innocent virgin. Kink Connections aims to link local strangers who fantasize about the same fetishes when they are alone with their thoughts. The callers on Kink Connections are far from shy, so be prepared to feel bombarded with horny messages. You can listen to greetings created by other callers. They will usually detail what kind of freaky things they want to talk about.

If you agree, you can make a kink connection! Redhot Dateline — — Discreet Sex Chat. Redhot Dateline is one of the most trusted phone sex s in North America. Since the 90s, it has provided an open space for singles to divulge their fantasies and secrets to each other. This line is full of a lot of passion. While people get straight to the point, they also are packed with emotion when they talk dirty. The line is very secure, private, and discreet. Juicy phone sex can be anonymous here if you want it to be.

They also are great about offering customer service and making you feel taken care of. Do you have a thing for Latinas? Hot Latinas Chat is the chat line for anyone who loves a Spanish flare. If that accent gets you heated, or you even want to hear some Spanish, this line will satisfy you to no end. Hot Latinas Chat is about the quick, raunchy phone sex you could have with a spicy lady. Women always talk free, so many are attracted to the line. But before your hand reaches for the wallet and you start pulling out that cash, you should know these tips to have awesome phone sex.

What kind of phone sex are you looking for? Do you want to talk to an operator who makes dirty talk her job, or do you want that genuine reaction from a horny local? You might also be interested in discussing a specific fetish, or getting the biggest free trial. Some of these lines are phone sex-specific, while others are just for introducing you to people in your area.

Phone sex is about letting your mind run wild with passion and desire. If you have a fetish or a favorite position, let your brain go to that sexy place. Explore the far corners of your mind for the sexiest, juiciest, and raunchiest fantasy content. Then, say those thoughts out loud. Nobody on any of these lines will judge you. They welcome your dirty thoughts. Reaching an orgasm is the name of the game. When you are having phone sex, you want to make sure you have at least one hand free to do some touching.

Some people like to dial the s with headphones in or put the phone on speaker so they can get really into it. Phone sex lines are supposed to be the safe space for fantasy and kink. You can dish your fantasy to anyone on the phone without being pushy or creepy. Free phone sex is not hard to come by. Free trials are offered so that you can test out each line. If you keep running through the free trials, you can theoretically get free phone sex for a very long time. However, classic phone sex s have professionals who are experts in phone sex.

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Hot lonely want phone chat lines

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