I want to lick ass m

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If you're a big Cardi B fan, you may have noticed a recurring trend in her lyrics. Whether you've just heard about eating the booty or you're curious about trying out some ass licking IRL, it's natural to wonder: What does rimming feel like? It can be nice to start with something familiar, and then add a little bit of unfamiliar.

My girlfriend and I would joke about it a lot just because we heard people talk about it all the time. One time I was going down on her and I kind of wanted to try it, so I asked if it would be OK and she said yes and she really loved it. It took me a while to get comfortable with her doing it to me, but she did it the other day and it just felt really good. It felt new and exciting and kind of dirty, in a sexy way. The trust and vulnerability of letting me do it coupled with seeing him enjoy it turns me on so much. Feels really amazing physically and mentally , especially when he moans occasionally when doing it as I can feel the vibration.

It's even better after a hard spanking and he's softly kissing all of the skin that's red. I'm super sensitive down there, so it feels so good when someone licks or breathes on it. It's just really enjoyable and feels nice. This guy I used to sleep with in college was just into butt stuff. Like, I would peg him, and he loved getting his butt eaten and he would do it to me from behind — like, as I was on all fours.

It just made me feel large and in charge. I enjoy it myself, but really only in conjunction with fingering. I really enjoy being rimmed while in the doggy style position — just makes it easier for everyone involved. Overall, I actually like it better than oral sex. My one tip: Let go. I like it, but I'm pretty particular about it. I only like it right after I've showered or during a shower. Once his mouth goes there it isn't going anyplace else, like my mouth or my vagina. Same with fingers — just no. Sensitivity will differ with everybody, yes. If my clit is being stimulated , then ass hole stimulation done right feels amazing.

Try it on yourself with a wet finger while masturbating. Stop it! I love giving and receiving! I do have to be comfortable and feel clean , so it's not something I like for spontaneous sex where I haven't had a chance to clean up. But if I'm prepared and I can relax, it feels amazing.

If someone literally kissing your butt seems appealing to you, consider talking to your partner about your sexual preferences and fantasies. Talking openly and honestly about your sexual desires is a great way to educate others about sex and de-stigmatize sexual preferences , and as long as everyone is on the same , there's no wrong or right way to have sex — no ifs, ands, or butts about that. Lola Jean , sex educator, instructor, and coach. By Griffin Wynne and Lydia Wang. Updated: June 25, Originally Published: July 31, Search Close.

I want to lick ass m

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