Just a college student looking for some fun

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Sydnei Kaplan. Fun time together was so easy when they were little! Remember playdates? At first these consisted of having a little one and his or her parent over to your house, or you and your child went to their house. The parents enjoyed some grown-up time over coffee and a little relaxation while the children played. As the kids got older, playdates evolved. Sometimes my son or daughter would bring a friend or two home with them after school. What do playdates have to do with creating memorable fun with our college students? Between seeing their friends, catching up on sleep and keeping up with homework, it can be challenging to enjoy quality time together.

Here are some of my favorites! We used to have lots of these when my children were little but — trust me — they are just as much fun with big kids. We plan a few things to do — make homemade waffles or eggs or avocado toast for breakfast, catch up on episodes of a favorite show, my daughter and I do mani-pedis, make a coffee run always more fun in pajamas! When the kids are home on breaks, this is a fantastic way to spend time together and stay fit! My daughter and I have it down to a science.

We warm up on the treadmill, work with free weights or machines to get a full-body workout and then relax in the therapy pool and hot tub. There are so many ways to get some exercise together and the energy and mood boost will last all day long. These times together are a special kind of awesome! With one Mom-Daughter combo, we have a tradition of having a pajama breakfast at both of our houses, switching off each time. These are cozy, yummy and filled with laughs and great conversation. And of course, I treat! Yes, this is a thing! My daughter and I enjoy Target adventures quite often.

We usually venture out later in the evening, sometimes in PJs do you detect a theme? Given that she was a competitive cheerleader for six years, we tend to favor cheer music. Once there, we wander the aisles, looking at and commenting on whatever catches our eyes. As in a Broadway-like show. Given that my son was active on the tech side of high school theater, he has a deep appreciation of plays and all that goes into creating them. We often discuss the tech aspects lighting, set, sound as well as the acting and storyline of various shows that either of us sees.

I know that getting dressed up and going into the city to see a national production would be something that he and I — and my daughter and I — would absolutely love. The big kid variety are equally as fun maybe more so! Get engaging stories and helpful information all year long.

our college parent newsletter! Get stories and expert advice on all things related to college and parenting. Sydnei Kaplan left a marketing career when her first child was born and never looked back. She and her husband are now parents to two college-aged children. Currently Sydnei works part-time in a preschool and rediscovered her passion for writing through Mom in the Moment, her recently launched blog. Find her on Facebook and Instagram, too. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks.

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Just a college student looking for some fun

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