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Our experienced, d and credentialed providers offer comprehensive mental health services with specializations in sex therapy, trauma therapy, and couples counseling. Our clinical resource team provides clinical supervision, consultation, and sexuality education for healthcare professionals and organizations. We offer comprehensive and specialized mental health services focused on sex therapy, trauma therapy, couples counseling. We are committed to providing healing and restoration to individuals, couples, and groups experiencing personal, relational, sexual, and psychological distress.

Whether you are working as a sex therapist or in any capacity as a mental or medical healthcare provider, questions and topics around human sexuality likely arise during your routine course of providing patient care. Support the development of healthy, sustainable and loving relationships.

Use evidence-based clinical interventions to produce curative impacts on acute and chronic trauma-based symptomology. Create and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between medical and mental healthcare providers to offer comprehensive care. Train current and future generations of mental health professionals in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Provide clinical supervision and consultation to d mental health professionals. Develop training programs and continuing education for clinical professionals in the fields of sex therapy and trauma therapy. Conduct and publish research to contribute to the understanding of the impacts of chronic trauma as it relates to sexual dysfunctions.

Choosing a certified sex therapist for your counseling journey in place of another therapist means you get specialized education and implementation of techniques unique to you. Anxiety and depression look different for everyone. Not only has the of people affected by anxiety and depression been high for many years, it has increased throughout the pandemic.

We have updated important information about the decision to begin or in-person services in light of the COVID public health crisis. Too often, even well-intended healthcare providers are unaware of heteronormative assumptions that have a negative impact on patients. Over the past month, legislation has been introduced in at least 20 states, including South Dakota, that has the potential to directly impact the transgender community. Many of the bills address topics such as transgender youth participation in sports, gender-affirming mental health care access for trans youth, and bans on updating birth certificates.

Every person has a sexuality. Having a basic understanding of human sexuality is highly advantageous to providing quality healthcare. Therapy Services. Learn More. Provider Services. Our Clinical Mission. Promote sexual health, freedom, and inclusivity. Explore Therapy Services. Our Educational Mission. Explore Provider Services. Patient Blog. Sep 28, Why Choose a Sex Therapist? Sep 21, Sep 1, Therapist Blog. Mar 31, Mar 9, Dec 11, Sexuality Education for Healthcare Professionals.

Looking for sex Keiser

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