Married 4 married friends first

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How many times did Ross get married on Friends? Keep reading to find out. But, how many times did Ross get married on Friends? In the pilot episode, Carol moves out of their shared New York City apartment after coming out as a lesbian. While married to Ross, she had met a woman named Susan Bunch at the gym and fell in love. Carol decides to leave Ross for Susan, but then finds out she is pregnant. The three agree to parent together and, although Ross is not fond of Susan, they have a pretty healthy relationship throughout the series.

Ross even walked Carol down the aisle when she and Susan married. In season four, Ross meets Emily, a British woman Rachel sets him up with. Despite a rocky first impression, Ross and Emily hit it off and ended up spending a weekend in Vermont together after their first date. After that, their relationship continued to progress quickly and spontaneously.

The two planned a wedding in London, and everyone including Rachel was invited. At first, Rachel decided to stay back with Phoebe who was too close to her due date to travel abroad , but then realized she loved Ross and needed to tell him. So, she booked a plane ticket to London and arrived on their wedding day.

After getting drunk in Vegas together, Ross and Rachel decide to run away to a chapel and get married. In the morning, the two have no recollection of what happened but then are reminded of their actions at breakfast. The two remained married for quite some time though Rachel had no idea before getting divorced.

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Married 4 married friends first

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