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User Name Remember Me? Password Forgot Password? You are: Looking for now Looking for later Not looking Not a member? Register for free! Today's Posts Search Help. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to I guess this question is similar to the post entitled 'Leaving calling cards, s', and I suppose that some of the responses there will apply here, too - but my question is more specific in terms of location. I am a discrete read married bi-male who has few venues to suck or be sucked. I occaisionally have the opportunity to drive solo completely across the state of Wisconsin on I and have tried, without luck, to find a hook-up in various gas stops.

But I have noticed their back lots and all the wayside reststops are crowded with idling big rigs and wondered, "Surely one or more of those truckers is looking for a little oral action, like I am" and I have no clue about how to find out. So I'm looking for suggestions from those who have had 'suck-sess' at a truckstop or wayside rest stop.

Also, I'd like to hear from truckers who are at those locations and would like to relax while getting a hot blowjob. Maybe part of my reluctance to try is a fear that it could go horribly wrong. I don't want to cause scene and get yelled at by someone who is offended, or insulted that I would suggest such a thing to them. Physical safety is another question. We all have heard stories about guys who were lured into a hot possibility, only to get stomped or worse by a bigot. This is getting too long, so I hope I have explained what I am looking for: suggestions for or hot stories of!

I used to drive that route a couple of times a year when my daughter was going to school in Minnesota and it was pretty boring. Here's a review of truck stop sex from the UK perspective. It's in the More Features section from the left sidebar. I just did a search for "truck stop" and got hits. I don't feel like going thru them all to find the ones I remember but you can look at the ones with a lot of replies that have a likely title. I've dreamt of similar situations myself. Try this, I just found it this morning.

On the Home A great blog I might add!! These C-masters have all the fun! I also look for any al from my fellow drivers but it is not easy American truck drivers are'nt the same as 'lorry drivers'. If you can find the drivers lounge at truck stops sometimes you can 'talk it up' with drivers over such topics as sports or how do they like the job etc while watching TV.

They will let you know if they're looking. At rest areas it's best to let them come to you either in the toilets or at a picnic table. I don't know about the 'interior lights-on' because they are on break and could be doing thier logbook or something.

Obviously the eyes have it. Sadly pimps will offer the services of underage girls and maybe boys at the major truckstops as we've read in news reports. I'm an older truck driver doer from back in the day. I could write a book But today, in the US, the do-a-trucker thing is pretty much history and has been for many years. There are many reasons for this, not the least has to do with relatively recent DOT enforced security measures. Those drivers are in a sort of prison quite honestly. Even the guys driving these days are quite different bunch from yrs ago.

And then there's this more recent sort of reactionary behavior secondary to the gay marriage thing that has aggravated a lot of hetero and even some horny bi men. You should hear the discussions I overhear at my local MOR str8 bars. Not pretty. I think the last time I saw a trucker getting done quite a few years back the dude that was doing him was wearing make-up a wig panty hose heels and a dress.

That says a lot. Being a fellow cruiser for a few years, I cannot but agree with HoneyPot here. The thing is mostly a JO fantasy these days. There is nothing wrong with having fantasies. But in real life, you want to get some fun and move on. A gay bar, spa, or your usual cruising area may be your best bets. It takes some experience to gauge the risks involved. Sure, the trucker fantasy may be hot but it is very risky, and most likely pretty difficult to achieve, you may want to look into other options Having never done this I am probably not the one to offer theories - But these days I suspect most quick hook-ups are done more via smart phone apps than finding a guy in the mens room.

I have seen some hot looking guys at rest stops - but never felt the risk was worth it to take a chance Hey Tigger22 - Unfortunately the auto censor removed the site you were referring to. You need to br ea k it up or spell part of it out so that it will no automatically remove the name of the site. Rest Area sex. Originally Posted by brownrejr gmail.

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Naughty hookups around Banff ga

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