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I give salsa dance lessons at a variety of venues, and I often end up giving classes all day long. I teach some of my classes at dance studios around the area, and I often teach at night, too, giving salsa lessons in nightclubs in the early part of the evening before the music starts. I give private lessons when I can, often several hours each day, and I compete regularly as well.

Does it help to attend a university and earn a dance degree? I began training in my teens, and then went on to perform and dance in competitions for many years. I had already been dancing for more than twelve years before I started teaching, so I guess that would qualify as special training. For me, it was a natural choice. I had already put in the time perfecting my technique and my knowledge, so it was easy to share all of that with others. I enjoy people and I have a lot of energy. Well, salsa dancing is really popular in my area. There are a lot of dance studios that offer lessons, and a lot of local nightclubs have begun to offer lessons as well.

My favorite aspect of my job is that I get paid to share something I love doing, and that I am passionate about. What is your least favorite aspect of your position as a dance instructor? My least favorite aspect of my job is that sometimes my days are extremely long. I may have private lessons booked back-to-back all through the middle of the day.

I have to make sure to get enough rest and keep my energy level high, because I need to stay healthy to do my job. I carry snacks and water with me everywhere, and I am often on the go. Those are some of my less glorious moments. Perfecting your dance technique is a given, but even more importantly, I would suggest perfecting your people and business skills, since that is what is the most crucial part of success.

I work really hard to build my relationships with my students, because they are a part of my life over the course of many years. If they like me and trust me, they are more likely to hire me for private instruction, too. I also have to stay really organized to make sure I get where I need to go and have everything prepared beforehand.

I also network with local musicians to build my business. We help promote each other and everybody wins. Actually, I created this job myself. Normally, I rent space by the hour from studios and nightclubs, and then do all of my own business marketing and promotion. You definitely need to have a strong marketing plan and a marketing strategy because it takes a while to build a reputation and to get regular attendance from your dance students and a healthy class size. But if you stick with it, eventually your efforts pay off. Cool and Unique Jobs Check them out! Take a Gap Year!

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Teaching Salsa Dance Classes