Seeking down to earth active fun types

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No matter which field you plan to pursue, you can find jobs that are rewarding and enjoyable based on your unique background and interests. From arts and culture to business and technology to food and beverage, plenty of jobs offer satisfaction while providing a regular paycheck and valuable professional experience. It's important to note that different people will consider different jobs to be "fun" based on what they need in a job. When searching for the best jobs for you , it can be helpful to perform a self-evaluation. You might start by asking yourself questions such as:. It's okay if your answers don't feel directly related to work—they can still help you identify themes to select the right job.

For example, if you most enjoy organizing get-togethers with your friends, you might find roles responsible for organizing events for a company's employees, like HR or Employee Experience. While understanding the elements that make work fun for you, specifically, it may be helpful to explore unique jobs that seem fun and enjoyable. In this article, we've put together a list of 12 "fun" jobs that more directly involve popular hobbies and interests in our culture today.

The most fun jobs should allow you to apply your interests to the role and therefore find some level of enjoyment and satisfaction in your day-to-day work. While nearly no job will be fun all of the time, you can certainly find a job that makes you feel generally happy and satisfied. While the actual responsibilities of your role can certainly contribute to your happiness, it's important to identify which characteristics of your job will make you feel satisfied.

For example, while many may consider compensation as a key contributor to happiness at work, in a Work Happiness Index , salary consistently ranked least ificant to workplace happiness. Instead, benefits such as work-life balance were more important in respondents' happiness. When researching companies , it might also be helpful to pay attention to their Work Happiness Score on Indeed.

You can find "fun" jobs in almost every industry, including:. Whether you specialize in hospitality, writing, technology or another field, you can find a fun and enjoyable job. Below, we've put together a list of roles that we feel more directly incorporate various popular hobbies and interests in our culture today.

Again, it's important to keep in mind that what makes a job "fun" will vary from person to person, and this list is certainly not inclusive of all jobs you might find fun:. Primary duties: Video game deers develop and test games on computers and gaming systems. They work with teams to develop compelling storylines, de appealing user interfaces and construct objectives that incentivize players.

They use coding languages to create instructions for computers and gaming systems to follow. Video game deers also test their games and fix the problems and errors they identify. Primary duties: Also known as personal stylists, fashion consultants assist clients with selecting clothing and accessories that enhance their images. They advise clients about selecting flattering clothing, and they help clients choose outfits for events such as business conferences, holidays or travel.

Personal stylists also research deers and shop for clothing and accessories in stores and online. Primary duties: Also known as disc jockeys DJs , radio announcers provide music, news and commentary during live broadcasts for radio stations. They decide on topics of discussion, select music to play during their shows and interview guests or moderate panels during the broadcasts. When presenting news, sports, weather or traffic, they typically read scripts.

Radio announcers may also appear at their station's promotional events. Primary duties: Event planners organize galas, weddings, conferences, meetings, conventions and other events for individuals and companies. They research venues, de interior and exterior spaces and seek out vendors to provide lighting, seating and other needs.

Event planners also contract performers to entertain guests and hire caterers to provide meals, snacks and beverages for events. Primary duties: Race car driving instructors teach students how to operate specially equipped vehicles on race tracks. They show students how to operate vehicles, how to drive around the track while maintaining high speeds and how to use the safety mechanisms.

Race car driving instructors may work with students at all skill levels, from those who want to become competitive drivers to those seeking entertainment. Primary duties: Pet groomers help owners by bathing pets, trimming and styling their fur and cutting their nails. Most pet groomers provide services for dogs, but some also groom other types of pets. They may work in pet boarding facilities, pet stores or veterinary offices, or they may provide services in pet owners' homes.

Primary duties: Race car mechanics test and repair vehicles to prepare them for races. They test engines, replace filters, check fluids, change tires and confirm that systems work properly. Race car mechanics typically check cars before and during short stops in the midst of races, when they must work as rapidly as possible. Primary duties: Sommeliers serve as wine experts, and they recommend and serve bottles of wine to restaurant patrons. They research wines to learn about the type of grapes included, the vineyard that produced the bottle and the vintage or year each bottle was produced.

Sommeliers understand how wines pair with different foods, and they recommend appropriate bottles that meet customers' taste preferences. Primary duties: Novelists write books that tell fictional stories. They come up with ideas for novels, develop storylines, create characters and research story elements to ensure accuracy.

Novelists pitch story ideas to publishers and work with editors to improve their writing. Some novelists specialize in certain types of stories, such as historical novels or fantasy books. Primary duties: Brewmasters oversee beer production for breweries. They have an advanced understanding of the brewing process, and they often experiment with new ingredients and techniques. They research customer demands and industry trends to develop innovative and unique beers. Many brewmasters have chemistry or engineering backgrounds and begin pursuing this career by brewing beer at home, volunteering at a local brewery and tasting a wide range of beers.

Primary duties: Food critics taste and analyze food and write about their impressions for magazines, newspapers, websites and other media outlets. Some food critics share their opinions verbally on TV or radio. They discuss the flavor of food, the presentation of dishes, the restaurant's service and the venue's atmosphere. Food critics also have an advanced understanding of cooking and baking techniques, the history of various cuisines and current food trends. Primary duties: Voice over artists provide narration and dialogue for animated films, documentaries, TV and radio commercials, audiobooks and other types of media.

They may voice animated characters, narrate plots or contribute to storylines. Voice over artists typically read scripts and speak into microphones, and they may add emotion or use accents to enhance the story. Now that you've discovered the most fun jobs in every field, find out which fun jobs offer the highest pay. Indeed Home. Find jobs. Company reviews. Find salaries. in. Finding a Job.

Which tasks, duties and responsibilities do I most enjoy doing in school or work? Which tasks make time feel like it goes by quickly? Are there any values, issues or missions that I feel strongly about? What are the most fun jobs? Automotive: These jobs include driving and repairing vehicles, sometimes in a racing setting. Fashion: These occupations involve buying, deing and recommending clothing and accessories.

Hospitality: These positions involve creating pleasant experiences for customers, typically by accommodations, food or beverage. Technology: These professions require developing and testing high-tech equipment and systems.

Writing: These roles entail creating unique content that inspires readers. Video game deer. Fashion consultant. Radio announcer. Event planner. Race car driving instructor. Pet groomer. Race car mechanic. Food critic. Voice over artist. Related View More arrow right. Discover what it means to be shortlisted for a job and learn the answers to some frequently asked questions about the shortlisting process.

Seeking down to earth active fun types

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