So go ahead make my day

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In. Edit Sudden Impact Showing all items. Follows Dirty Harry I Spit on Your Grave A female survivor of a gang-rape takes the law into her own hands and searches for her aggressors. Neenan mentions her upcoming movie with Clint Eastwood.

Saturday Supercade: Episode 2. Make my day. Breaking All the Rules When the robot cowboy challenges the three jewel thieves with a pistol at the amusement park, then he imparts them "Hey you! Go ahead. Private Resort "Go ahead, make my day. Weird Science Lisa: "Go ahead Sky High Famous line mentioned. Belvedere says, "Go ahead. Make my day" speech. Sledge Hammer! Psychos in Love Video case is shown in a video store. Waxwork line "go ahead, make my day". Party Line Movie poster on Dan's wall. Murder Weapon "Make my day" said after mentioning Clint Eastwood. Make my day!

Make your day. Make my wife's day. Zombie ' Extreme Pestilence Dr. Bern says "Make my day" to a zombie before shooting it in the head. Make your bed. Dewey says: "Go ahead. The Night of the Executioner The line and scene in the film about a cat in an ass. Shining Time Station: Mr. Last Action Hero Seen those movies were they say "make my day".

Day of the Tentacle Video Game The game contains the famous line from this movie "Go ahead, make my day! Make me wet. Callahan" in the level Pigsty. Make my eggs. Kid Cop Video The tagline is "Go ahead This is a reference to Dirty Harry's quote from this movie. Suicide Kings The Gus Gus song "Gun" features lyrics "go ahead and make my day," like Dirty Harry's famous one-liner from this movie. Joyride Tanya: "Go ahead, make my day. Jackie Brown Famous line mentioned. Evasive Action Hector the Director use the quote, "Go ahead, make my day. Norm: Norm vs. Fear TV Episode "Go ahead, make my day!

America's Sweethearts "Let's go. Please, make my day. Thank Heaven "Make my day" said. This will make anyone's day. Reno ! Inside Man When Dalton Russell points his magnum at an uncooperative elderly woman during the early stage of the robbery she tells him "Go ahead, make my day", the most famous line from this film.

Material Girls "Make my day. Hot Fuzz DVD can be seen in the petrol station. Order Up! College Kevin Brewer: "Go ahead, make my day. Archie's Final Project "Go ahead. Make my day". What Goes Up "Go ahead, make my day" is seen written. Dolan's Cadillac "This one makes your day" said referring to a gun. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 8. Leave a message. No Vacancy "Make my Get the Gringo "make my day" quote by Mr. Random Acts of Violence "Make my day. Chelsea Lately: Episode 7. Also, poster is shown. Despicable Me 2 "Bake My Day" bakery. My Name Is Jonah "Go ahead, make my day" is seen as dialog written in a drawing.

Momentum Amphetamine: "You're gonna make my day Injustice 2 Video Game Dehot says "Go ahead, make my day. Killer Campout A deputy says "Go ahead, make my day. Trek: The Movie Bro. Crabbe: "Go ahead, make my day. Shark my day. Cold Pursuit One police officer asks the other if she wants to get her Dirty Harry on.

Promising Young Woman female vigilante hunts loved one's rapists one by one. WWE Raw: Episode A Star TV Short scenes are shown. Dirty Harry: The Original Video clips shown. Los Angeles Plays Itself Excerpts appear in the film. AFI's Years The Eastwood Factor Video clips. The Hour: Episode 7. Meet the Press: Episode Fletch Fletch says "Go ahead, make my day" to the police chief. The Jewel of the Nile Ralph: "Go ahead, gimme a reason! Make my year! Police Academy 3: Back in Training "Go ahead, make my day".

Hollywood Shuffle Parodied in "Dirty Larry". Beetlejuice "Go ahead Ninja Academy Famous line mentioned. Shrunken He Famous line. Primary Colors When Kathy Bates' character Libby, is threatening a man with a gun pointed at his pelvic area, she says "go ahead, make my day" when he refuses to cooperate. The overall comicality of the scene seems to indicate that this is a spoof of Sudden Impact, rather than a reference.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Make my dia. Dangle's misadventure at the coffee shop parodies Harry Callahan's thwarting of a diner robbery. Milius John Milius says "Go ahead. Coronation Street: Episode 1. Getting Started Contributor Zone ». Edit . Top Gap. Sudden Impact Did You Know? Create a list ». Ratings - Watched in R-Rated Movielist. Meilleurs films See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

So go ahead make my day

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