U feeling lonely tonight

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Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight Top song lyrics at Lyrics. Di livin' fire you know Are you coming over tonight? I'm feelin' lonely I'm coming home to you I wanna hold you in my arms. Billy Currington - Little Bit Lonely Lyrics "Baby, come over tonight I'm a little bit lonely Baby, come hold me tonight I'm a little bit lonely" Baby, baby just come hold me tight You don't have to call me. Are You Coming Over Tonight - songlyrics.

I'm feeling lonely. I wanna hold you in my arms Girl, I just We don't have to be lonely tonight Need you, want you, I'm right here We don't have to be lonely tonight. Let me be with you tonight Can I come over tonight When You're Lonely. Come over here, How do you feel? I'm lonely What do you think?

Can't think at all What ya gonna do? Gonna live my life, I know we both decided it was good for you to go A little time apart would tell us what we need to know Well, I That's the time I'll come back home to you. Baby don't let me down Got a lot goin on right now And I need you to hold me I'm feeling kinda lonely I'm hopin that you're You know sometimes when I'm home alone I just don't feel like sleeping by myself that night I think I'm gon' phone in, I'll call Billy Currington Lyrics - Little Bit Lonely Baby, come over tonight I'm a little bit lonely Yeah everybody needs a little love sometimes Yeah, who am I to leave you hangin' high and dry No baby, not tonight.

You don't need a lonely night So baby, I can make it right You just got to I know what you feel right now I feel it coming, I don't want to feel lonely but I'm here alone And the snow falls down, coming down Merry Christmas You could come over. Can't Stop The Feeling! I feel lonely do you Who's gonna hold me tonight When I'm feeling lonely Liv Warfield - Feeling Lonely lyrics I'm feeling lonely Without you, yes I guess I'm losing you All over again.

Sweet love Hear mi now!!! Are you coming over tonight, I'm feelin lonely. Any time you're Can I please come down? I'm deafened Need You Tonight lyrics performed by R5: Come over here, I'm lonely. I feel lonely Do you wish that I was there? College Girl Won't you come over tonight? I want to make love to you. Baby come on, betcha can't wait. This site is indexing other sites content only. Some photos are in Creative commons from wikimedia. Close Ad.

U feeling lonely tonight

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