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She only has time for just a very few questions because she has to run off to a meeting. I will always be the bad cop. So, we want to take a moment to encourage organizations to be on guard for malicious cyberactivity in advance of the holiday weekend.

To be clear, we have no specific threat information or information regarding attacks this weekend, but what we do have is history. And in the past, over holiday weekends, attackers have sometimes focused on security operation centers that may be understaffed or a sense that there are fewer key personnel on duty as they may be on vacation. And indeed, a long weekend can sometimes make attackers feel they have extra time to navigate in a network before they are detected.

So, as a long weekend comes, we want to raise awareness. And this need for awareness is particularly for critical infrastructure owners and operators who operate critical services for Americans. And we encourage you to please visit the site, read the advisory, and take those critical steps.

Organizations and individuals should be on alert now because criminals sometimes lay in their steps in advance and begin their planning. Now, I want to walk through a few specific things you can do right now to protect against possible attacks and to ensure that you can recover quickly in the event that an organization is compromised.

First, update and patch all software. We continuously see attackers compromising organizations based on vulnerabilities that are known, for which patches are available. Second, ensure that individuals have strong passwords in place. And indeed, for key personnel, encourage them to change their passwords now.

Third, implement multifactor authentication, particularly for key personnel and IT staff. Multifactor authentication is something more than a password. It could be a biometric, like a fingerprint. It could be a code that comes off software.

Last week, President Biden hosted key executives from technology companies as part of his efforts to really secure America online. And a of those executives pointed to multifactor authentication as preventing 80 to 90 percent of cyberattacks. There are a couple of other good practices to do.

Security teams should proactively hunt on a network. Look for any initial s of compromise or anything unusual on a network. And everyone should be extra vigilant for phishing s and clicking on links that may be new or something that looks unusual. I want to repeat that we have no information about any specific threats or attacks, so the purpose of this is really to raise awareness before a holiday weekend, given the history of increased criminal cyberactivity during holiday weekends.

Please visit StopRansomware. Taking a step back for a moment, the Biden administration is committed to addressing cyber threats to the country. And indeed, as I mentioned, last week, President Biden hosted executives from technology companies, education firms, critical infrastructure, and others to focus on addressing the root causes of cyber. The technology companies, in particularly, announced a set of commitments online to address some of the root causes of technology vulnerabilities and improve security of their products.

Have the Russians done anything to crack down on ransomware attackers? The discussions with the Russians continue. And we continue to see — to look for that. Q Have you guys determined who is responsible for the attack on the State Department a couple of weeks ago? Those are on a tight timeline. They were not where they needed to be. Q Some of my colleagues at Bloomberg reported today about identifying some of the Chinese state-sponsored hackers who are behind an alleged NSA — co-opting an alleged NSA backdoor in products from Juniper Networks, which has obviously been known about for quite a few years.

Indeed, as well, I think you saw several of the announcements that came out of the summit last week. Q So, there was a spike in ransomware attacks earlier in the summer. That seems to have slowed down slightly. To what do you attribute that? There could be a host of reasons for it. I would say two things. One is: Make sure your leadership and IT staff have deployed multifactor authentication and have a strong password.

Do you have certain staff on call this weekend? Second, we, of course, brought together agencies across the government, including key ones like FBI and CISA, to ensure that they were fully postured and fully prepared to be on staff and noting any early s of any incidents so we could rapidly jump on them and respond to them. Okay, a couple of things for you at the top. John the Baptist Parish, where heat advisories are in effect and many residents remain without power. FEMA also announced today a new policy, this morning, to reduce barriers that have long prevented many disaster survivors, particularly Black Americans, from receiving disaster assistance by expanding the types of legal documentation for homeowners and renters to prove ownership or occupancy.

This has been a big barrier in the past, and it was something we worked hard to address proactively. Cameron Webb has held community confidence visits to encourage vaccinations in cities across the South, including Columbia, Jacksonville, Columbus, and Mobile. The community confidence visits aim to take a systematic approach to community conversations about COVID and the vaccines that focus on the interrelatedness between COVID and longstanding social determinants of health, including housing, education, mental health, and food insecurity.

Q Wonderful. Thanks, Jen. Two subject areas, both legal. Did the President or anyone in the administration reach out to members of the commission in the wake of what happened? And does the President have any new thoughts on the structure of the Court? We have not — not to my awareness have we reached out to the commission. Q And then secondly, on the new pharma bankruptcy, does the administration believe the settlement gave sufficient justice to the victims of the opioid crisis? I want to speak to our team and see if we can get you a more specific comment on that. Q On the Texas law, what avenues are available to you in the short term for reacting to this law?

He directed the Gender Policy Council to do some things. What — what do you envision happening here? We certainly know the makeup of the court. But again, we try to stay out of the business of making predictions. PSAKI: Well, I would say, first — and let me give you just kind of an overview of, kind of, what some of the considerations and good questions are. But no one should assess that we are considering — currently considering an easing of sanctions on the Taliban. That is not under — that is not actively being discussed or pursued.

We have not reduced sanctions pressure on the Taliban leaders or the ificant restrictions on their access to the international financial system. And we will judge — and we want to make clear — this very clear: We are going to judge the Taliban by their actions and we will stay in close coordination with the international community on any steps that we take moving forward.

Now, at the same time, we also want to ensure there is assistance to the Afghan people — humanitarian assistance and other assistance — to keep them afloat and make sure they have — we provide that from the international community at this point in time. So there have been steps that have been taken in coordin- — including issuing an OFAC that allows this humanitarian assistance to go through. That, of course, is not through the Taliban; that is through outside organizations. Q Back to the commission for one second. What is he looking for from a commission to offer him that he would not have for this?

And he asked them to look at a broad set of questions, wanted to give them time to do that work and come out of that with some — with some viewpoints. But he wants to leave them space to do exactly that. And I think the fact that he named a commission with a diverse set of viewpoints reflects his strong, you know, commitment to preserving institutions, but also taking a fresh look at things that need to change if needed.

I mean, the reality is: This would take a legislative change. He also wants this group — this commission to take a close look at a range of issues, not just court expansion, which is an important question for them exam- — to examine, but term limits and a range of questions that are — the commission is looking at. And rulings like that do raise concerns — not just for the President, but for people out there in the country — about how the Court is operating. That is, of course, of concern not just to him, but it should be to all Americans who watched the ruling this morning.

Q On Afghanistan, really quickly, if I can: Are there updates on the to Americans who — American citizens who work in the country or are still in the country? Do you believe they still are? But what he said yesterday, and I will just echo, is it closer to There have been reports, as I think many of you have seen or reported yourself, about charter flights. We — there have been some confusion about this. But what is important for people to understand is where we have some concern.

So, just to kind of give you an example here, these charter flights are landing on U. We know ISIS-K has a keen interest in attacks against aviation targets and our personnel on the ground in our airport — in our military bases.

And these are among the risks that we take into . PSAKI: What the — what the President would convey to any woman who is trying to get an abortion, seek an abortion, be able to — to employ her constitutional right to — to seek healthcare, and healthcare that is enshrined in and allowed by federal law — what he would convey to them?

Q Thanks, Jen. On the Texas law, has the President been in touch with Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer in the past two days about their efforts to pass legislation protecting abortion rights? I will note that Speaker Pelosi also put out a statement about the intention to bring up the codification of Roe up for a vote, which is something the President certainly supports and would be eager to into law. Q Okay. And one more. Does the administration have a message for industry and private businesses that have operations in Texas? Would the President and the White House support a boycott of sorts against Texas?

What our effort and what the focus of the federal government is, is to look for every resource, every lever at our disposal to ensure women in Texas have the ability to seek healthcare. Q And following up on the Texas law, why does the President support abortion when his own Catholic faith teaches abortion is morally wrong?

Q Why does the President — who does he believe, then, should look out for the unborn child? But for women out there who have faced those choices —. PSAKI: — this is an incredibly difficult thing. The President believes their rights should be respected.

And this is something that DHS will be providing regular updates on, but just to give you an understanding of the breakdown, and then I will come back to your question, Jacqui, I promise. Note that this group includes a small of third-country nationals that were also evacuated and processed.

Woman looking nsa White

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